The Story Tellers

As a team we are called The Story Tellers and as the name suggests we are a group of visual art professionals searching for stories and narrating them with images and videos. The team is led by Prerna Sodhi and Rishabh Lall, with more than 9 years of working experience in the industry they have captured weddings across the globe. Till now the Story Tellers have photographed over 70 wedding in India, Canada, New Zealand and Thailand. Formerly known as Prerna Sodhi Photography, the production house was rebranded as The Story Tellers in May 2018, in order to expand internationally. We introspected and acknowledged our expertise--Story Telling and renamed the team aptly to its current name. While the name has changed the core team and its values remain the same and is lead by virtues of absolute dedication, professionalism and focus to the art of capturing moments and memories. We always tell our clients and we thoroughly stand by it: your life's best memory are in good hands. 



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